About Zandercraft Bot #

Zandercraft Bot is a Discord chat, productivity, GIFs, music and fun bot. This feature is activated using the +voice command followed by +request {song name}. Since the Zandercraft bot is built for customizability, you are able to set a server-specific language, a custom welcome message to welcome new members to your server via PMs, and to enable auto-moderation. The Zandercraft Bot is developed in Canada and hosted in north-eastern USA.

About Us #

The Zandercraft Bot developer team works hard to keep the bot running, develop cool new features and provide help and support to the bot’s community. We invite you to join our official Discord Server to ask any questions about the bot, get the latest news about the bot, or to just listen to music, look at memes, or hang out and play games with us.

Features #

  • Music from YouTube and Soundcloud
  • Fancy Insults
  • Random Animal Facts and Images
  • Random Memes
  • GIFs
  • Comics
  • Welcome Messages
  • Server and User Info
  • Customizability

Inviting the Bot #

To invite the bot to your server you can use one of three methods below:

  1. The “Invite to Server” button on the bot’s profile on Discord;
    • Open the bot’s profile and click on the “Add to server” button:
  2. Go to https://zandercraft.ca/bot and authorize the bot with your server.
  3. Through the Discord App Directory:
    • Go to your Discord server
    • Navigate to Server Settings > App Directory
    • Search for “Zandercraft Bot”
    • Click “Invite to server”

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