Command List

This is a detailed list of commands that are included in the Zandercraft Bot as well as their usages.

Need more info?

If you ever need more information on a command, feel free to join the Zandercraft Bot Official Discord server and create a new post in the #help-and-support channel and someone from our support team will answer any questions that you have.

General Commands #

Name DescriptionUsage
/8ballGet an answer from the magic 8ball.
/adviceGet a random piece of advice.
/binaryConverts text into binary./binary <text>
/decodeDecodes binary into text./decode <binary>
/diceCast a dice./dice [die type]
/fancyinsultInsult your friends in a silly and fancy manner./fancyinsult <@member>
/factGet a random fact.
/gifGet a GIF (random or based on search)./gif [search]
/infoGet some statistics about the bot.
/userinfoGet detailed information about a particular user (leave blank for info about yourself)./userinfo [@user]
/serverinfoGet detailed information about the server you are in.
/inviteGet an invite link to add the bot to your server.
/leetspeakConvert your message to l33tspe@k./leetspeak <message>
/owoOwOify your message. (Small OwO factor)./owo <message>
/uwuUwUify your message. (For when OwO wasn’t enough)./uwu <message>
/uvuUvUify your message. (litewawwy unweadabwal)./uvu <message>
/pingCheck the bot’s latency with Discord’s servers.
/randommemeGet a random meme.
/sayThe bot will repeat what you say./say <message>
/strokeStroke someone’s ego./stroke <@user>
/xkcdGet a comic from xkcd (random if number left blank)./xkcd [number]
/yesnoGet a random yes or no gif.
/yomommaGet a random yomomma joke.
/supportGet the bot’s support server invite link.

Music Commands #

/playPlay a song in the voice channel you are in./play <song>
/pausePause the player.
/resumeResume the paused song.
/stopStop the player and clear the queue.
/nowplayingCheck the status of the currently playing song.
/volumeSet or check the volume of the music./volume [volume]
/queueGet a list of all songs in the queue.
/shuffleRandomly mix up (shuffle) the queue.
/skipSkip the currently playing song.
/eq flatSets the EQ back to normal.
/eq boostBoosts the bass of the player.
/eq metalOptimizes the EQ for metal.
/eq pianoOptimizes the EQ for piano/classical music.

Moderation Commands #

/automodEnables auto-moderation./automod enabled: <on/off>Administrator
/banBans the specified user./ban <user> [reason]Ban Members
/hackbanBan a user who isn’t in the server./hackban <userID> [reason]Ban Members
/softbanBan and immediately unban the user (deleting their messages)./softban <user> [reason]Ban Members
/unbanUnban the specified user./unban <user>Ban Members
/kickKick the specified user/kick <user> [reason]Kick Members
/purgeRemove the specified number of messages from the channel./purge <amount>Manage Messages

Animal Commands #

/birdfactGet a random fact about birds.
/catfactGet a random fact about cats.
/dogfactGet a random fact about dogs.
/elephantfactGet a random fact about elephants.
/foxfactGet a random fact about foxes.
/giraffefactGet a random fact about giraffes.
/kangaroofactGet a random fact about kangaroos.
/koalafactGet a random fact about koalas.
/pandafactGet a random fact about pandas.
/racoonfactGet a random fact about racoons.
/whalefactGet a random fact about whales.
/randombirdGet a random image of a bird.
/randomcatGet a random image of a cat.
/randomdogGet a random image of a dog.
/randomfoxGet a random image of a fox.
/randomkangarooGet a random image of a kangaroo.
/randomkoalaGet a random image of a koala.
/randompandaGet a random image of a panda.
/randompikachuGet a random image of Pikachu.
/randomracoonGet a random image of a racoon.
/randomredpandaGet a random image of a red panda.
/randomshibeGet a random image of a shiba inu.
/randomwhaleGet a random image of a whale.

Roleplay Commands #

/facepalmSend a GIF of someone face-palming.
/hugHug someone (send a GIF of someone hugging)./hug <@user>
/patPat someone else on the head./pat <@user>
/winkSend a GIF of someone winking or wink at someone else./wink [@user]

Configuration Commands #

/automodManage auto-moderation in the server/automod enabled: <on/off>Administrator
/languageSelect the language to interact with the bot in (either for your whole server or personally in DMs).(execute then use the menu)Administrator/DMs

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